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According to the 2019 Health Management Information
System Data National Health Report, some 33939 new cases
of non-communicable disease (NCD) have been enrolled in
care with around 12% from 2018. Below is an overview of
the five diseases under focus in this strategic plan:
• By 2018, some 2933 men and women have been
diagnosed with cancer in Rwanda. Cancer is also the second
most common NCD cause of death in Rwanda, causing
some 13% of annual mortality rates in Rwanda.
• Cardiovascular diseases include diseases such as heart
attacks, heart failure, and strokes, as well as unspecified
general weaknesses of the cardiovascular system in elderly
people. Cardiovascular mortality rates are the highest
between NCDs in Rwanda with 40% of adults present for the
first time with heart failure class III to IV (late presentation).
The number of cardiovascular patients treated in hospitals
has almost doubled, from 396 in 2016 to around 576 in

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